August 27, 2014

Moving Forward by Looking Back ...

172 pages now!!! I've been working on making some of the secondary characters more complex. I now have a detailed outline of their pasts which will help me to decide how they react in the present. I've been working to interweave everyone's story line so that the actions, if not the characters themselves, (in each of the three regions) more deeply affect all of the others.
I've also been working on the love triangle
who doesn't love good drama in a book?  

So far, I believe my female protagonist, Clothilde, is the common link between everyone. Which is why I'm leaning towards using a title that shifts the focus away from the realm itself and towards Clothilde. This is of course not to say that there is not a TON of other things going on with each of the characters (their lives do not entirely revolve around her) but they are certainly linked together by their relationships to her (as father, friend, foe, master, lover, etc.)

I want my book to be complex and so I am occasionally drawing inspiration from history though I hope it is more approachable for a modern audience than actual Medieval Literature.

I just wanted to take a moment and update my progress. I wrote almost 3000 words today (well the day is not over so I very well may surpass that) and I was feeling quite content with that. I believe my last update was at the 48000 word point. Currently, I am at 56,037 words (172 PAGES!). Every day my story changes and it has been such a journey even getting to this point. There have been days that I feel like a literary genius (today is one of those days ;D ) and there are others that I look at what I have and feel like I am barely making a dent. But today I have irrefutable proof - I am indeed moving forward and knowing that is a wonderful feeling.    

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