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Here's a list of my published works. As an Indie Author, your generosity and reviews are crucial. If possible, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. As always, your support is very much appreciated! Thank you!

My Crime/Thriller Flash Fiction is available for FREE on Postcard Shorts. 

My monster short story is available for FREE on Horror Tree! Stop by and give it a read. 

The Secrets I Carry


Secrets are difficult for any eleven-year-old child to keep. But in Nazi Germany, Gertrude’s family secret is a matter of life and death. When she and her best friend stumble upon something unusual in the woods, their accidental involvement could mean danger for them both. Must she reveal one secret to keep another? Or is it one more secret for this young woman to carry?

Emotionally raw, "The Secrets I Carry" is a heartfelt coming of age story about loyalty, compassion, and innocence amidst the political turmoil of WWII.

Who Killed Granny? 


This 1950's Crime Thriller follows Barbara Smythe as she tries to uncover who murdered her grandmother and warn her twin sister, all while trying to escape whoever is after her.

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