About Me

Hello and welcome.

My name is Stephanie. I grew up (the third of nine children) in a sleepy suburb in southern California. Once lauded for its abundance of retirement housing, it's built up in recent years and is now the proud home of both a Super Target and a Starbucks.   

I was a relatively shy child who was always drawn to books and art. In first grade, I won a fiction contest. The teachers and staff transformed my silly short story into a play which they performed before the school. I don't want to say that was a turning point in my life but, well, it probably was. Of course, my story didn't make much sense, it featured hippos and barbecue pork-very Avant Garde. It wasn't a spectacular story but it was voted to be the best, and more importantly,  my words were brought to life before my eyes and those of my classmates. It was every shy kid's dream. To silently entertain the masses without having to step foot in front of them. 

I kept scribbling out little stories and eventually added sketching to the mix. I kept them as hobbies on and off through the years. In college, I started working on a massive Epic Fantasy trilogy. My roommate "caught me" writing one day and suggested I sign up for a Creative Writing course. And so it began ... 

I took the class, began taking my writing more seriously, and started posting short stories and articles to The Catholic Crow (what later became EasyPeasyFiction). After college, I've kept at it- reading, writing, and learning whenever and wherever I can. 

In addition to Author of Death (on draft #3!), I've ghostwritten four books and am currently working on book number five. Inspired to learn all aspects of writing, I'm also working on Short Stories and Flash Fiction (the latter of which I have begun submitting to online journals and literary magazines). 

Why Easy Peasy Fiction? 

It's my belief that reading and writing Fiction doesn't have to be difficult. If you learn the basics, it should be easy-peasy. Whether you're a reader, writer, or both, Fiction doesn't have to be any more complicated than you make it. My goal with this blog is to produce a collection of articles which demystify the art of fiction and offer a glimpse into what it is I do.

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