June 7, 2014


No new story this week... well I have one but I won't be posting it until later. It needs LOTS of revisions and I am completely and radically reworking it. To keep myself sane I've been doing lots of creative writing on the side (mostly in the form of a super rough manuscript that's only 1/2 done and may take an additional year after that just to edit).

Anyway- for my Lit final there was no prompt (yay!). I decided I would make it easier on myself and use some characters I had already created. I'm taking the first several pages of my book & converting it into a short story. Unfortunately, I missed a few things in conversion (which were explained more explicitly in the manuscript). I now have to devise a new ending, change the POV, "develop" a character which was supposed to be developed in the following chapter, and clean the grammar up. (English is my first language but you'd never guess it by reading through my first drafts!)

So ... a new short story IS coming which is actually not so short [about 5X the length of others I have posted].

I haven't updated my comic this week (again). I was working on a splash page but its taking longer than I thought. Everything should settle down in a few weeks & I'll try to make a few pages ahead of time so this sort of thing doesn't happen so often.     

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