May 20, 2015

A New Cover ...

I have recently resurrected my Noir manuscript and have been pushing it through another draft. It dawned on me that I rather loathed the title "To Be Determined" which I originally coined to be ironic. I've been playing around with different titles, taglines, and cover designs and though I may change the image (which I got from Freestock) I feel like I am at least headed in the right direction. 

Here's another possibility which makes the "author of" and the historical setting of the book more clear. I'm not sure if it compromises the emotional effect though. 

I thought I'd take a moment to post the newest version of a cover that I've been seriously considering. I was thinking about shifting the text up a tad. If you have any critiques or comments, please don't hesitate to post them below. :)


  1. I would suggest adding something on the paper in the typewriter that gives it more of an dangerous feel. Because the typewriter cover looks too... clean and safe to be about blood bullets and death.

    1. I'm still playing around with it. It does look too docile. I'll try that and see how it looks. Thank you!


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