April 1, 2015

Writing Camp: A Nerd's Paradise

I've restructured the book and decided to begin in a different place
 (before the initial revolution) so the blurb is just a little off.
This is generally what I was thinking for the cover. Any thoughts?
April is upon us which means it is finally time for Camp Nano! For the last month or so I had planned on using this time to finish up the end of the (the first draft) for Book 1 and amp up the volume of Book 2 in my Fantasy series but as the date drew near I changed my mind. After a month or two of solid work on The Western Woman I decided that I needed a change of pace. Writing a massive series can be overwhelming and when the pressure becomes unbearable I try to switch to a different project to resist giving up on writing altogether.

This month, I've set a goal of 40,000 words for myself. I plan to write for one or two days then take a day to edit. Hopefully my end product will be better that way.

I'm taking a very different approach to In Hiding  with a more scene-based structure rather than my usual A.D.D. fluff that's all over the place. It's going a little slower but (so far) I think it has more potential than some of my previous projects. If I can keep with this structure (3-4 scenes per chapter with 1,000 - 2,000 words each scene) I will hopefully have a solid manuscript in need of minimal revision.

Another thing I've been working on has been to push through the scenes that I don't necessarily want to. I have a tendency to skip around and write a bit in the middle, a bit in the beginning, then back to the middle, to the end, back to the beginning, and so on and so forth. I have a loose idea of where I'm headed and though I do have some of the middle bits already written it should not be a huge issue getting from point A to point B.

Something I have found helpful is writing an outline of the next chapter (and scenes) before writing them. Rather than just saying everything exactly as it needs to be, I try to give myself options along the way (either they fight about this then she storms out or she leaves without noticing, comes back later and they fight, etc.)

I'm feeling more confident about this piece than I have about my previous pieces (not that I don't like my other writing, this piece just has a more commercial feel to it and I can see it being received much better than the other two).

I'll try to edit a few pieces and post some (perhaps next week).

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